CNC Lathe Y axis partial rebuild

After unwanted crash the carrier has cracked. Creating hydraulic oil leak from the axes clamp system, surface finish problem, wrong geometry of machine. In this particular case the Z axis ballscrew bearing will also be replace. Here is some picture of the start progression.In this type of operation a lot of details have to be take into account and meticulously assembled with extra care of like JM CNC can do it.

CNC lathe turret X and Y axes
Getting prepare to remove the whole turret

Here is a very important aspect of every CNC machine, the lubrication circuit have to be taking care to keep all oil amount send to every specific component of your equipment.

Lubricating lines

Very important to check the ballscrew statement after collision. Run out, cyclic error, axial play, nut play, motor and ballscrew coupling.

No turret X and Y axis
Starting to put everything together

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