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Spindle rebuilt at JM CNC inc


Here is a 10k RPM spindle lubricated by grease on a Haas machine.

Our customer asked us to make some improvements to avoid future failure due ton contamination.

We have change the bearing type and we also add an extra mechanical barrier to expend considerably the life of he’s spindle.

We have completed the installation directly on the customer machine by vibration analysis and break-in period.

Final result .008 inch/sec at 10k RPM

With a final temperature of 39°C.

The break-in period took 4.5 hours to be fully completed.

5 hours on your CNC lathe to keep out of trouble!


  • Do you have  poor tool life?
  • Do you have poor surface finish?
  • Do you have repeatability problem?

5 hours with JM CNC on your CNC lathe will solve those issues. Turret alignment, gibs adjustment, Backlash adjustment, lubrication system check….and more

Stop using shim for OD tools….

Stop to reduce your cutting speed….

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